Rosacea Sufferer Suite

$ 264.60 $ 378.00

Soothe Skin and Maintain Beautiful Skin

Includes: Saturation Cleanser, Saturation Toner, Saturation Herbal Creme, RosaCalm Skin Serum, Botanical Bio-Peptide Concentrate, Vitamin C Creme, and Advanced Protection SPF 30. Save 30% when you purchase the complete suite.

Diagnosed with rosacea, you've struggled with dry, sensitive skin for most of your life. Now that you're approaching middle age, you need products that will balance your delicate skin, but also preserve your fair complexion as the signs of aging begin to appear.

Product Recommendations
Use the Saturation Cleanser to rinse away facial impurities while maintaining the delicate moisture balance of your sensitive skin. Designed to nourish delicate skin rather than leave it dry like most toners, the Saturation Toner invigorates and brightens. Complete your daily routine with wrinkle-reducing Saturation Herbal Creme and Advanced Protection SPF 30 to shield your sensitive skin from the sun's harsh rays.

The basic cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF system should be used in conjunction with a few treatments for your specific needs. RosaCalm Skin Serum is designed to calm rosacea-prone skin. Botanical Bio-Peptide Concentrate is designed to deliver cumulative anti-aging results without irritating sensitive skin. And Vitamin C Creme is designed to protect your skin with vitamins A, C and E to deliver antioxidants to the max.

Additional Recommendations

Exercising can help keep you and your skin vibrant and young, but as a rosacea sufferer there are some things you should consider in order to prevent flare-ups caused by vigorous activity. If at all possible, exercise in moderate temperatures either indoors or in the early morning during the summer months and midday during the winter. Swimming is a great activity as the chlorine kills microbes that can aggravate your rosacea.

Another step you can take to prevent flare-ups is controlling stress levels as much as possible. Avoid taking on more than you can handle, and try breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation exercises when you feel stress starting to build up.



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