The Story Behind Beauty

A Letter from Dr. Joseph Rucker

Enza Essentials began in 1993 with the understanding that each woman is unique. Her work, her passions, her lifestyle are all aspects of what make her who she is. These are also the very aspects that affect her skin care concerns. So when I, along with several dermatological chemists, began developing the line, we took into consideration every factor that makes a woman’s skin care needs as unique as she is.

The Enza Essentials line initially contained the basics: cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunscreen. Over the next 18 years a complete line of facial and body care products was developed and tested on more than 4,000 discerning patients. Today, the Enza Essentials line continues to offer proven results in treating and healing skin. Enza Essentials products are designed to be used individually or as a system to treat your specific concerns. Whatever your age, whatever your skin type, I have a skin care prescription for you.

For more than 30 years, I’ve been addressing the beauty concerns of women from every walk of life as a board certified cosmetic surgeon. I understand that no two women are exactly alike and they should be treated as the individuals they are. I have found that everything from diet to geography can affect skin care concerns. What’s more, every woman takes a different approach to skin care.

I first began developing Enza Essentials after many of my patients implored me to provide them with quality skin care products they could trust to address their unique concerns. I soon realized that the only way I could confidently recommend a product to my patients was to ensure that each and every element that went into the development of the product was backed by quality and extensive testing. My solution was to create a fresh new skin care line so I could monitor every part of the development process, ensuring my patients receive the same quality skin care at home as they did in my office.

I’ve used the experience and expertise I gained as a surgeon to develop a diverse skin care line designed to take the place of more invasive procedures and to maintain the results of these procedures if and when a woman chooses to take that step. With Enza Essentials, my patients are able to slow down the appearance of aging, counteract the effects of acne and retain a vital, healthy glow.

Dr. Joseph Rucker